Muppet Maker!

Rich sent me this link and brought so much joy to my afternoon. It’s FAO Schwarz’s Muppet Whatnot Workshop and for $90 you can get a custom-made muppet character delivered to your doorstep.

We both agreed the nose options leave something to be desired & ‘lady muppet’ hair options are sold out, but still…I was satisfied with my results.

Make Your Own Muppet

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Some Links for Looking

At my new job we LOVE to have a lot of meetings and pay personal visits to clients several times a week, so I feel like I’m always on the move. Today I managed to stay in my seat for the majority of the day, during which I got back some quality Internet trolling time.  Thought I’d share what I’ve been looking at:

The Places We Know is a visually arresting, interactive site by photojournalist Jonas Bendiksen that explores four of worst slums in India, Kenya, Venezuela and Indonesia. Puts complaining in perspective.

Gregory Jacobs has a sick and twisted painting gallery up for perusing.

Travis Millard has some quirky zines, like The Little Things, along with lots of other random cool stuff up on his site, Fudge Factory Comics.

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“Stomp twice for Beyonce…”

Ahhhh, the Internet. So many wondrous hidden treasures just waiting to be dug-up and shared with others. Thanks to my friend Quirine I was introduced to the YouTube sensation and bedazzler extraordinaire Leslie Hall.

Apparently I’ve been living under a rock because this girl has been around for years, modeling her empire of handcrafted gem sweaters, getting featured in Vice and profiled in just about every online pub imaginable. So, if you’ve seen this, sorry it’s nothing new. If you haven’t just watch the video and take in the awkward magic.


First and Fifteenth

A few of my friends started a themed mixtape series a while back that I’ve contributed to a few times. Twice a month on (you guessed it) the first and fifteenth, musically inclined guests post up their favorite track selections.

I was scrambling for a theme this turn when I started reflecting back on all the great live music I’ve seen throughout the year. I decided to pull favorite songs from my most memorable nights out around the city. Though I had to leave off some greats, including Sharon Jones & Morrissey, there’s still a slew of noteworthy acts on there, including White Williams, Blond Acid Cult and FM Belfast.  Check it out here and keep going back for the latest compilations.

And here’s a link back to my worldly music mix from this past Spring.


Perks & Pokey

My new job has brought lots of change to my life. Cool new people and friends, new office location downtown, different commute, more responsibility, etc. The first two weeks were also filled with some sweet new perks  – amazing new laptop, lobster lunches, free booze everywhere, candy and snacks and treats galore…you get the picture. But today I found my new favorite work/life addition, my favorite perk of all. It’s “Pokey,” the childhood pet of one of the flash developers here. And he’s rekindling a deep-down fiery love of pets and dogs in general that I thought was long dead, long snuffed out. Take a gander:

From what I’ve gathered Pokey is about 95 years old and pretty immobile. The pictures came out a little blurry though because he kind of does this slow but continuous head sway back and forth, like a real old person! Tongue is permanently out. Lots of panting. Pokey is now my obsession. I’ve already done 4 walk-bys.


Why I Love Eye Patches.

I’ve been trying to share a show-going experience from two weeks back but its surrealistic, musical glory left me reeling and I couldn’t recap fast enough. I’m talking about Slick Rick at Europa. Leave it to the pirated hiphop legend to bring together literally every colorful caricature in existence – homeless breakdancers, Staten Island guidos, clubkids, homeys, homegirls, hipsters, sleezy security guards…you name it and they were partying.

Word to the wise – if you’re ever trying to see Slick Rick perform, show up at least 3 hours after the time you instinctively think you should. 8:00 doors equaled a 1:30am start time for the ruler, so Rich and I were forced to watch the freakshow unfurl for about 3 hours in an empty club that felt the need to blast its smoke machine every 20 minutes. Fortunately the wait was worth it.

The artcrunk rap duo Bunny Rabbit and Black Cracker were openers. Part KRS One, part dirty Alice in Wonderland, these two came out with a live drummer that looked like the mom from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and a ton of spooky electronic samples. Completely infectious, weirdly erotic and trippy – I definitely haven’t seen many live acts match the raw energy of these lady lovers. Check out their myspace for some tracks (which sound WAY better live I think) and more animated gifs like this one:

Next was a lengthy ‘let’s get this party started’ intro from Slick’s emcee (Rich referred to him as DJ Red Alert), that included 5-10 second samples of every hip hop record ever produced. Ever. If we didn’t react with the proper amount of ‘crowd respect’ for certain tracks, he called us out for not being old school enough. I felt like a poseur, and I think that was the point. Finally, it was time for Slick, who shuffled out on stage to the opening bars of “The Ruler” wearing what looked like a silken pajama set with about 25 giant gold-chained medallions around his neck and dark Wallabees on his feet. Picture this: 

And then make it a reality:

So here’s the big question: Is a hiphop icon rapping for forty kids in a grungy Brooklyn bar kind of tragic or just amazing? Maybe a little bit of both. You got the impression Slick was happy to be there but also feeling his age despite all his recent cultural-influencer-type honors. (He must have yelled “I am 43 years old!” like 3 times.) 

Sadly the pervy, misogynistic Slick wasn’t on display – I was hoping for a rendition of “Treat Her Like A Prostitute” or “Lick the Balls” – but after run-throughs of the classics like Mona Lisa & La Di Da Di and a fantastic “A Children’s Story” outro, I felt my night was more than complete.

Take in the regal genius in his glory day: