Perks & Pokey

My new job has brought lots of change to my life. Cool new people and friends, new office location downtown, different commute, more responsibility, etc. The first two weeks were also filled with some sweet new perks  – amazing new laptop, lobster lunches, free booze everywhere, candy and snacks and treats galore…you get the picture. But today I found my new favorite work/life addition, my favorite perk of all. It’s “Pokey,” the childhood pet of one of the flash developers here. And he’s rekindling a deep-down fiery love of pets and dogs in general that I thought was long dead, long snuffed out. Take a gander:

From what I’ve gathered Pokey is about 95 years old and pretty immobile. The pictures came out a little blurry though because he kind of does this slow but continuous head sway back and forth, like a real old person! Tongue is permanently out. Lots of panting. Pokey is now my obsession. I’ve already done 4 walk-bys.


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