The Peanut Butter Solution – aka – A Movie That Scars

There are certain movies you see as a child that leave indelible marks on your mind, usually because they manage to artfully scare you shitless while simultaneously tapping into some deep-seated, previously-unrecognized childhood psychological terror.

For me the movies that best dredged up these fears tended to contain the following:

  • Witches who kidnap and kill children
  • Big metal cages (to keep kidnapped children in)
  • Dungeons/cellars (any dark setting below ground)
  • Demented toy makers who kidnap children – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, anyone?
  • Escape-from-evil attempts gone horribly awry

Now, the extra special films were the ones that managed to take one of these fear/themes and really expand on it, take it to the next level of creepiness. One such movie is The Peanut Butter Solution. When casually mentioned in conversation, the only people who have ever known what I was talking about were my boyfriend (who apparently still owns his VHS copy) and recently, a fellow coworker. Even my sisters, who were all definitely present for viewings, have no memory. Ahh, ignorance is truly bliss. Here I am attempting to describe the plot to the unknowing:

“Ok so there is this kid whos hair won’t stop growing, and he gets kidnapped by this old man who straps him to a weaving loom or something…because the guy is making paintbrushes out of his hair, like harvesting the hair as it’s growing directly into this giant loom…and they’re special paintbrushes, they’re magical.”

Yeahhhhh. Nuts. So I finally decided after all these years to really ‘research’ the movie. Originally released in 1985, The Peanut Butter Solution is the story of a young boy Michael who wanders into a long abandoned, recently burned-down mansion and stumbles upon the ghosts of its homeless former inhabitants. Totally spooked, he passes out, sleeps through the night and wakes up the next morning completely bald – the result of his extreme fright. The hair doesn’t grow back, Michael becomes depressed, kids pull off the wig he tries to wear, etc, etc. Eventually one of the ghosts returns to tell Michael the secret to growing his hair back: a peanut butter solution!


Here is young Michael applying the mixture. He doesn’t heed the ghost’s warning though, uses too much peanut butter and over the course of a day or two is transformed into Cousin It. Eventually Michael is suspended from school for becoming a class distraction:


What follows next is inexplicable and twisted, as the best/worst childhood film plots usually are. An art teacher at Michael’s school, “The Signor” – recently fired for being a TOTAL old man creep and not allowing children to use their imaginations – kidnaps Michael, along with fifty other children, dresses them all in pink scrubs and sets up what is essentially a giant paintbrush-making concentration camp, with Michael’s head as the source of the brush hairs. You see, Mike’s locks have become magical from the special powers of the mysterious peanut butter solution, and when placed on the end of a brush, they allow the holders to paint whatever is held in their imaginations. Whaaaa? Yeah, welcome to crazytown.

Here’s Michael, in an all-yogurt-diet-induced-perma-coma (I kid you not), with his head in the hair sorter.


The child slaves:


The mastermind:


Eventually Michael’s crackerjack older sister Suzy (a dead-ringer for Chunk from the Goonies) and friend Connie (who puts some of the solution on his private area in a botched attempt to grow pubes) crack the case and rescue Michael from a future of paintbrush manufacturing enslavement.

Genius. Scenes of the Signor and his freaky little child factory were by far the most disturbing (and lasting) images for me. There were coats made of hair and slave hammocks and who the heck knows what else. Bottom-line – creepfest.

In my YouTube search today I managed to find several versions of the original 1985 trailer. One is from Canada, where the movie was filmed and which actually hints at the film’s underlying disturbia. The other US version is all playful and family-friendly, which is no doubt why were allowed to watch it in the first place. Check them out for a walk down memory lane and a peek into my childhood nightmares.

Canadian Version – link only, those Canadians don’t like embedding I guess:

US Version:


89 thoughts on “The Peanut Butter Solution – aka – A Movie That Scars

  1. I’ve never seen it, but I still think the creepiest part is the shout-out to Skippy at the end of the Canadian trailer.

    Also, is the Signor supposed to be Italian?

  2. jessica says:

    yeah, i was just thinking: did skippy pay for that product placement? seems a little risky associating your brand with creepy moving hair (ew- hair in peanut butter! gross) and child labor/enslavement.

    jif must have lapped them in sales the year this came out.

  3. I couldn’t remember the title to this movie so I described it to a coworker. She thought I was telling her a joke but I told her it was real. She did some googling and we came across this, so she now believes me. A little more googling, and I came across the entire movie online! I have it listed as my website, so I think you can just click my name to take you there.

  4. Jeanna says:

    That is a very creepy movie, and I’m glad someone finally knows what I’m talking about. I have asked people if they had seen this movie (without knowing the title, so I tried painfully to describe it), and they had no idea what I was talking about and definitely thought I was crazy. Check it out, but don’t let your kids see it.

  5. rhiannon says:

    oh man i remember this movie! I was looking for it on netflix because I feel a little crazy…like the whole thing never happened! freaky deaky movie…another on this level of freakiness…The Witches. Gives you the same scary butterfly feeling in your belly hahaha

  6. Mike says:

    Thank you so much for doing this write up. I have been racking my brain for years trying to figure out if this movie was a real memory or some kind of drug induced pseudo reality that was created in my mind during a weeks long drug binge back in my early twenties. It is all coming back to me now, we must have watched this movie a half dozen times between 3rd and 5th grade, around 85′ to 87′. Now I know that I am not completely crazy, it’s only marginal. By the way, it troubles me to think that there is a person walking the streets that thought this whole concept up!

    • Christopher Pearce, Seward Alaska says:

      Ok this is a complete trip, so when I was about ten I got this movie and woke up at two in the morning just to watch it, I remember this kid losing his hair. He then rubbed some crazy goop(peanut butter…now I remember:) all over his head and then his hair would not stop growing. There was this really creepy scene where he is in the classroom and the kid behind him just kept cutting it. This movie creeped the shit out of me and scarred me for life. And now almost twenty years later I look it up and it did almost the same thing to other people. CREEPY:) What a trip, this movie was a trip I dont think I even finished it, it freaked me out too much.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I was just talking about this movie the other day with my friends. I couldn’t remember the name so I was trying to explain the movie. Because of the psychotic plot line, they all thought I was on some sort of drugs and had no idea what I was talking about. But by Jesus, I knew if I googled it I would come up with something! Thanks for the site! It makes me a little less psychotic!!

  8. NATALIE says:

    This is hilarious! I am a year late…but I remembered this horrible movie and googled peanut butter, hair and this popped up…this has definitely left an ever-pressing scar in my life!

  9. vanessa says:

    yeahh there were 2 movies that will forever last in mind.. peanut butter solution, and Paperhouse. Both equally disturbing but yet for some reason.. i enjoyed them. There was just something that made u think, how did someone come up with this and how is it that i came across them and felt a desire to watch them more than once? and i was like, 9 years old? they both had a unique story despite the creepy undertones.. but these are the types of movies i have always been drawn to. look at the modern day films like mirrormask or pans labrynth.. there are still weird films being made to this day. it’s been years since i’ve watched either of the movies, but i may have to revisit my past that has potentially molded me into who i am today lol

  10. Joaquin says:

    Thanks god, I’ve been searching for this movie for a long time. Everybody I spoke about this one said didn’t know it…I even thought it was something in my imagination.

  11. KT says:

    THANK YOU for writing this! it absolutely made my week. If you look on Amazon you will see there are so many people who have vague memories of this movie and cant find a friend who has heard of it. I remember being totally scared of it – but now I want to watch it again!

  12. angie says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! i KNEW this was a real movie and not a dream i had! i’ve been trying to find out what movie this was FOR YEARS! i’ve described it to friends…to my parents…they always laughed and said it must have been a childhood dream! a couple times a year i would google “girl whose hair wouldn’t stop growing” or something like that…i always remembered it as a girl. anyway the part that always stood out to me was the classroom where the kids were cutting the hair. when i watched the trailer i literally jumped off the couch screaming “I FOUND IT! I FOUND IT!” ha! you’ve made my day! πŸ™‚

  13. angie says:

    so i went back and read some other comments too and i can’t believe how many other people saw this movie as a kid and confused it as a weird memory or dream! πŸ™‚

  14. Amanda & Chris says:

    My brother and I saw this movie at a daycare as small children. We’ve told our mom about this scary movie where kids were forced to eat yogurt to grow their hair out for paintbrushes. Your description made he and I laugh so hard because we completely agree with this! We were traumatized. I am so glad we finally the name of the movie!

  15. Emily says:

    For some reason I kept thinking “Big Trouble In Little China” was the movie until I read that movie description. So I was on Netflix looking for this movie and googled the “hair growing, magic paintbrush movie”. Well NETFLIX doesn’t have this movie but the link PHILIP left does work for the whole movie.

    One of the other movies that stuck with me was LEGEND. I’d always ask people if they remembered a movie with this big devil and nobody remembered it.

  16. Angela says:

    I can not believe someone else has the same feeling about this movie as me!! I watched this when I was a kid and thought it was the craziest thing I ever watched… I would describe it to people now that I am older and they look at me like I am nuts. I had to google it, to see if I was somehow just making this movie up in my head.. BUT I wasn’t. =)

  17. Christopher Nordquist says:

    Thanks man, really I have been trying for years to prove to my parents that I remember watching this movie at a friends house when I was like 4 years old and they said I must have dreamed it up. Your right the movie does leave scars because to this day I still have nightmares about that movie for some reason. I read some of the comments on here and people have similar stories and I cant help but wonder if maybe there is something about this movie that gave parents the Nightmare on Elm Street syndrome and told their kids they were crazy. I have searched Ebay, amazon, and googled my ass off and I cant seem to find an actual hardcopy of this movie anywhere for sale.

  18. Jen says:

    OMG!!!! For years i have been trying to figure out what movie this was. My sister and i BOTH remember it and it was one of those movies that scarred me as well. I’ve asked MANY people, and everyone thought i was joking. I think my problem was, i never remembered the peanut butter part. I just remember the boy getting his hair caught in the bush cause the wind was blowing.
    If anyone remembers this, i can’t remember whether if was for ANTI guns or what. But it had two friends after school. they found one of the boys parents gun. they were playing with it and it went off. it shot the black haired boy. it was the way the boy looked that stuck in my head. the gun goes off. and then it shows the dark haired boy, i think he was standing in front of the closet, but he gets shot, stops stiff and falls backwards.
    Also there was a movie with a troll, and the boy gets on a plane. and theres a rainbow. and everytime you see the rainbow, this music, like strumming the piano or a guitar is played… but i for sure remember there being the troll as the key character…
    i was like 5 when all these movies were out. so like ’88-’89.
    please let me know if ANYONE remembers these as well

    • Tasha says: now that I am over the complete SHOCK that there are other people out there who love HBO as much as I did when I was a kid, I will throw my two cents in the ring! The movie about the dark haired boy getting shot was a Family ‘something’ special for HBO. It was based on a true story and he DOES fall in the closet. That is where they find him dead. I am not sure about your troll movie though. I do remember a movie called TROLL where the lead character was named (wait for it) Harry Potter, Jr. His family moves into an apartment building that gets taken over by evil trolls but the good witch saves he and his sister (who has been possessed by the troll no less). This gem stars a naked Julia Louis Dryefuss dancing around with long hair in a meadow. Very disturbing for me. FYI Poltergeist was the worst for me. I still won’t sleep with my closet at the foot of my bed not to mention my fear of clowns.

  19. Amber says:

    So crazy I totally remember this movie and I too WAS disturbed by it and I [too] have only met 1 or 2 people over 20 years time who know the film. My sister being one of them. We often began to wonder over the years if we had just shared the same dream, thinking that perhaps this movie never really happened lol…it was so weird. Thanks for posting your thoughts. Glad to know it affected others in the same dramatic (or traumatic) way lol.

  20. Drew Saldana says:

    Reading your synopsis brought back memories of my own (of this movie). I ask everyone if they have seen it and the answer is always NO! It’s about time I hear about other viewers because I still think of this movie quite often.

  21. Andrea says:

    Thanks for linking the google movie. I too remember seeing this movie when I was a kid. I watched it at my dad’s house with my brother and sister and dad and stepmom and no one but me remembered seeing it. Odd.

  22. this movie has stuck in my brain for over 20 years. i’ve had the same experience as most of the rest of the posters… nobody i tried to explain it to knew what the hell i was talking about. tonight i got home and my roommates boyfriend asked me if i remembered an old creepy movie about a kid with hair that wouldn’t stop growing who got kidnapped. had to google it to come up with the name. glad i found this site.

  23. Heidi says:

    I’m not sure if I feel better or worse that this was actually a movie and not some demented dream I had haha. I actually stopped asking people about this movie all together because of how crazy I sounded explaining it.

    I wonder if the person who made this movie feels a sense of accomplishment knowing that people are having nightmares about this movie 20 years later and they are led to convince themselves that it was their own demented mind that created it.

    I can say that it makes me feel better that I wasn’t the only one tormented by flashbacks of this movie in my dreams all these years, I’m actually afraid to watch it again in fear of sharpening the fuzzy pictures in my mind.

    Whoever thought up this movie has got to have some serious issues, thank you everyone… I now have proof that I wasn’t a disturbed child haha

    • Tom says:

      Oh my god…. I read this and I couldn’t relate more. I thought I had a mental problem or was slipped some acid as kid. I know its been years since you posted this but I just found out a few minutes ago that this was an actual thing and not just some repressed childhood trauma. I download it and shut it off when I read this just in case it opens up old scars.

  24. valerie29 says:

    It is so funny to me how many of you were disturbed by this movie. I loved this movie as a kid. My brother and I would make my mom rent it over and over again. I’m sure if I watched it now I would think it was ridiculous, but then I thought it was fine film making. I remember my cousin wasnt allowed to watch it because that one kids pubic hair grew past his pant leg. lol. Man I loved this movie:)

  25. Frosty84 says:

    I cant believe i found this! I gave up years ago trying to describe this movie to family and friends because no one knew the hell what i was talking about. I have to agree with jen tho the image that always stayed with me was when the boys hair was getting caught in a bush from the wind…weird why that stuck but there you go πŸ™‚

  26. SMM says:

    I myself have been trying to find the name of this movie too. I once told a friend of mine too and they didn’t know what I was on about also. I asked another friend and they did say to me the Peanut butter factory this was in 2004 or something. Just recently I thought that I would look up about a boy growing his hair long after putting peanut butter on his head and here it is in 2011. I have never forgotten this movie i guess it has made and imprint on my mind too. It was very scary and bizarre!!! Out of all the movies you watch in your life this one made the biggest impact!!!

  27. marc says:

    Really scared me deeply as a kid. I think I was just too young to watch it. Must have been around 8 or 9. But yeah… this one definitely left a mark. Keep it away from kids.

  28. Erin Lynn says:

    That’s so creepy. I could only remember that his hair would not stop growing. That fact alone creeped me out. I couldn’t remember the name so thanks.

  29. Thank you!!! says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! I have TOTALLY been haunted by memories of this terrible movie too!!! Especially the kid strapped down with hair growing above him, with accompanying nightmares, of course. I think I saw it when I was about 4 or 5 & have wondered about this obscure, terrifying, how many idiots were on board with making this, movie!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for releasing me from this grotesque mystery!!!!! (btw- I have NEVER posted on anything, ever before. That should tell you how much this meant to me. In hopes of release I searched ”movie kid hair won’t stop growing” there u where & now I’m free πŸ™‚ sweet dreams

  30. amykay says:

    Ok so I’m 25 years old and have no idea how old I was when I seen this movie but I think about it ALL the time! And no body know what I’m talking about. I always remember the name and that it was a movie but I would ask for it at movie stores and they would never have it. My mom remembers it and when I got older I told her I used to have nightmares about this movie, she said it wasn’t scary just weird. My younger brother seen it too and it didn’t have the same effect. I wonder if triggers something depending on what age u see it?? Anyways this movie has crazy residual effects. Like some of the others I never post on things, bit have been thinking about this movie for years and had to add my story! It just leaves such confusing and ominous feelings… It is pretty amazing how many people feel as strongly about it! I feel better knowing I’m not alone πŸ™‚

  31. jennelle says:

    Thank you for posting. I couldn’t remember the name but talked
    To quite a few people about it and everyone thought I was crazy for
    This movie scaring me so bad. I only met one other person who saw
    This movie and they were freaked out too because of it.

  32. jody says:

    I have been trying to convince my husband this movie exists for years! This is the scariest movie i have seen in my whole life.The weird thing is that even now I have moments when I’m afraid my hair is going to start growing and never stop….

  33. Bella says:

    Haha omg i too think about this movie all the time it just comes up randomly in thought. I was just about to try lookin for a download and stumbled across this page, thankyou and thanks to all the comments πŸ™‚

  34. batpigandme says:

    Like everyone else here- I too was thought to be totally insane for making up such a twisted film in my child mind and was so glad to see this post! This movie and The Witches pretty much turned me into the worlds youngest insomniac! Thank god we live in a world where I can now google: “peanut butter paint brush factory scary movie”, and find a group of similarly scarred adults!

  35. Dunch says:

    Now, I still have vague memories of this horrifying film. So vague in fact, I believed for many years they were the product of a childhood nightmare. I would have been five or six when I saw this. So good to know these nightmare memories are grounded in reality.

  36. Hereitis says:

    My well-meaning mother rented this for me as a kid and I was terrified by it and have never forgotten it! Seriously, what were they thinking packaging it as a comedy when it is just sinister and creepy from the opening on. The whole thing is exactly like the kind of illogical nightmare children have. I never finished watching it and it still gives me the heebies.

  37. Lindsay says:

    Holy hell! I’m glad to find this movie wasn’t a figment of my imagination. Now trying to track it down to force it down my husband’s throat…like I’ve already done with Mio in the Land of Faraway.

  38. paulina says:

    What a freaky movie!! Thank you for the post… As many have written here, iΒ΄ve been trying to track down this movie particularly because itΒ΄s one thatΒ΄s been stuck way back in my memory for more than 2 decades. I still recall this movie when ever I think of Creepy. I agree with everyone that the other scary childhood movie is The Witches , oh! & Escape to Witch Mountain… creepy

  39. stacy says:

    All of these comments cracked me up!! I too, often have thoughts about this movie randomly pop into my head. I KNOW that I had dreams about this movie for YEARS. Whenever I try to tell someone about it, or ask if they have seen it, I feel crazy and they think I am too. lol. I usually say, I am pretty sure it was a dream based on a movie, but I don’t know, because no one else has EVER heard of it, and thinks I am crazy, so maybe it was just a weird recurring dream…. So then I describe this movie/dream about a boy who loses his hair somehow (I couldn’t remember) and ends up completely bald, and used some peanut butter solution to make it grow, but then it won’t stop growing, and he gets kidnapped, and some guy uses his hair to make paintbrushes!” and the response is ALWAYS….”yeah…..I have never seen/heard of that….sounds like a dream to me!” I had searched for this about a decade ago, and came up with nothing. SO glad to see this! I am NOT insane! It was so trippy…I swore it was a movie, but it was so messed up it really did feel more like a dream…and with no one able to confirm….. woohoo!

  40. Oh my gosh it really does exist!! I was beginning to think everyone was right and that I was crazy…sweet vindication! I remember watching this in elementary school right before Christmas break and it’s creeped me out for years. I don’t know what my teacher was thinking?!!?

    • says:

      This movie has messed with lots of people for a long time….when I finally found it and watched it again it blew my mind!!! I had been having strange experiences where music and movies were speaking to me….one time a movie seemed. To be having a conversation with my thoughts ..I thought I was going crazy….I was going crazy…i also had some strange experiences where what i was writing would come true… anyway I learned about
      the emerald tablets of Thoth the day before my
      DVD of the peanut butter solution arrived and
      Hermes the thrice greatest…I popped in and it blew my mind …it seemed to explain everything ….also the references were blatant ….the paintings of Thoth in modern garb, the soccer team called Hermes, the only two classes (math and art,left and right brain,Fibonacci and phi), the single father. Going insane and the return of the mother in all white saving the child(masculine and feminine imbalance) and the ability to paint other realities….it all clicked…..a message I left for myself …I contacted a musician whose music seemed extremely supernatural after watching this again and told him what I concluded and that I thought he was preserving the records in the same way and he admitted that was what he was doing!!!! This was all just too much….very supernatural but undeniably real….this move haunted me since childhood as well…but for some reason just the part where the woman was like: “MICHAEL J FOX!!!” That’s what made it easy for me to find…also another bands whose lyrics seemed to be mimicking my experience was the macpodz…that’s a whole other story but one of their songs is called doctor Epstein! Which was the name of the doctor in this movie also doctor Epstein is the name of a man who was involved in abusive rehab cults like the seed, straight Inc and their spin off programs started by Melvin sembler who was a huge contributor to theromney campaign …..I personally survived one of these spin off reeducation programs ….this was all just too strange …if this movie haunted you there is a reason …..and the truth is far stranger than fiction….email me if you too have experienced something similar

      • Eva says:

        Yeah, I too have been researching a lot of stuff lately Monarch Programming etc. it triggered a memory and that strange, strange feeling that always accompanied watching this movie as a child. This feeling haunts me to this day. Laughed till i cried when I read every ones postings. This is first time for me ever posting too, but I think something rather serious underlies all this. We’re all adults. Saw it when I was about seven and I’m 34 now. Wow! Really found relief knowing others had same feelings/experience. Only difference for me was it didn’t come into my nightmares rather it haunted me by day, certain things would bring it back to my mind and give me that peculiar feeling all over again like now.
        Anyway, Something about Tailor Swift et al recently made me start scratching more deeply under the surface of things, esp in entertainment industry. This movie wasn’t all that scary on the face of it as I recall – 20 some years past – seemed like there was something beneath that gripped you, drew you, if you know what I mean, but so scared one, too. Why was it just some of us?
        What was the agenda?
        Personally I think that the Secret of Nimh, my favorite childhood animated film, had lots of messages in it about programming etc.
        What are your thoughts?

  41. Michael Strack says:

    OH MY FUCKING GOD YES, I have had exactly the experience you describe here! This movie has haunted me for years and nobody has ever heard of it, and it’s so insane to try to describe to anyone! Thank you so much!

  42. Jacob Mashonganyika says:

    I dont remember when exactly I watched that movie but it should have been around ’92 or ’93 when I was about five of or six(honestly).I even remember trying 2 narrate it to my brother Jose,who is 6 yrs older than me but when I came to the “peanut butter making hair grow back part”,he laughed at me as if there was no such movie.I watched it here in Zimbabwe,on a channel ZBC used to call TV2 & still had some memories of it up until today & this is how I ran into this insightful article about the movie.I typed in these words on google since I couldnt remember the title nor the actors-“movie about a boy who didnt grow hair on his head & used to wear a wig”.& VOILA this page sticks out amongst all the closest options & gives testimony that I wasnt just this crazy 5 yr old cooking up a movie out of his imagination.

  43. ashleigh armstrong says:

    I just did a search for “the movie where the kid’s hair wont stop growing”. Like a lot of others here, I saw it when I was Very young and it creeped the crap outa me! Such a freaky movie! Now I know the name of it, thank you for posting.
    Oh and Witches…that one as well was so freaky!!!
    The Watcher in the Woods messed with my mind as well. But I recently watched that one again and it didn’t have the same affect as it did when I was younger. But when I think about how scary it was when I was young, the feeling returns.
    How odd that they made these movies for Children. That feeling it gives children is just awful, yet it is somewhat cultish that only a few of us have seen it and felt it.
    Happy that this page is here πŸ™‚ Now to just find a way to watch it again……

    • Missykhal says:

      So glad I found this post…such a freaky memory from my childhood. This movie scared the hell out of me as a kid, but I still watched it a few dozen times. Im laughing reading some about some the details from the movie because I had my own childhood experiences with stumbling upon homeless people and scary old people saying weird shit to me and I’ve always wondered why I reacted so dramatically. Now I finally know why I found them so traumatizing!

      • jaimiewallace says:

        these comments are amazing because i too was scared shitless by this movie and NO ONE i know has ever even heard of it. between this and “the watcher in the woods” I’m surprised i slept a full night through during my childhood.

  44. Wow! Seams you all are so easily disturbed. I’ve always had fond memories of watching this movie. I saw it on cable television, when I was a kid, & even recoded it on V.H.S, because I liked it so much. I never realized so many people thought it was a creepy movie. But then, I’ve never found any1 else who ever saw it, either.
    I happened across this blog while doing a Google search for it to show my kids. Now I’m really curious what they will think about it. Well, it probably still won’t scare them. They’re rarely impressed by anything from my childhood, because of the quaint effects of the time.

  45. JC says:

    I have been haunted by the memories from when I was a kid. I didn’t know for so many years if what I saw in my head was a bad dream or a movie. I am now 30 years old and I just started typing the visions in my head and there it was The Peanut Butter Solution and I was like wtf is this and watched clips it all came back to me. Thanks for posting this I can now quit wondering what it was in my head. I don’t think everyone is easily disturbed but a child’s imagination and the things they are going through as a child effect everyone in a different way. Some children latch on to things like a sponge for example Barney the purple dinosaur made millions or in my case the movie Child’s Play I was a 5 year old that should have never seen that movie and I am not embarrassed to admit that little bastard scared me!

  46. Laila says:

    I was explaining to my sister about how I wanted to purchase the movies, The worst witch and the Benniker Gang, all movies that played over and over again mid eighties on HBO! She reminded me of the movie with the magic paintbrush, and all the memories flooded back! I thought it was a dream I had! This movie freaked me out as a kid but my sister and I couldn’t stop watching it…I’m so glad I know the name!

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  48. Angela says:

    I been looking for this for years! I’m 33 & remember watching this as a kid. It def scared the crap out of me & I never forgot it. Thanks for reminding me &. Thanks to YouTube I was able to share with my kids!

    • I finally found the name of the movie thanks to google which directed me to this site. I’m 33 and watching it on YouTube now. Thank God for the internet

  49. Sara says:

    Reading these post is so hilarious and gratifying to know that I am not alone. It looks as if we are all in the 30 to 35 age range and were equally traumatized by this movie as kids. I too think about this movie from time to time and get a creepy feeling and have second guessed my memories of it. I wonder where my mother was when I watched this. Sounds like we need to start a support group!

  50. I have only known of 3 people in my entire life of encountering and meeting people that have seen this movie. Katie, you are one of them! The first one was my first real boyfriend who casually mentioned it all on his own one day and *SWOON* i was done for. He totally ended up breaking my heart, but that’s beside the point πŸ™‚ I was 15. I saw this movie when I was 6 years old, during the one month of my childhood that my parents actually had cable with hbo – and it had a serious and profound lasting impression on my psyche that is horribly difficult to explain to anyone unless they too have experienced the bizarre horror that is this film! I began asking everyone if they had seen it and would try to describe it as you have your whole life and would be met with silent stares until i finally stop talking and give up. HAHAHAH. Until 15, I actually started to think that maybe I wandered off into the forest and ate some kind of berry or mushroom that I shouldn’t have or something and totally hallucinated the whole terrifyingly spell binding experience! LOL! But I didn’t, so that’s good πŸ™‚ I was just talking about this with a friend yesterday, telling her that she gets “bonus soul friend points” if she knows what I am talking about when I mention the phrase “The peanut butter solution”. and she totally did! and has seen it! and has informed me that she was able to locate a link to download the entire movie somewhere. I will share her intel with you and all others scarred by this movie but still want to curiously re-live the horror of it as an adult. πŸ™‚ Peace out homeslice.

    Love Leah

  51. I read your article. It was the same for me too. The only thing I could remember was a kids hair grew and some evil man made magical paint brushes with. Actually that is exactly what I typed in to google to find this article.

  52. Kasie Vaughan says:

    Wow. You hit the head on the nail. I was having a discussion with a good friend a couple weeks ago and we were talking about our nightmares we had as children. I tried describing the movie that scared me as a kid. I only saw it once but I said, “this old man kidnaps these kids amd keep them locked up while one of them has weird hair growing abilities and the man used their hair to paint.” She said wtf kind of movie is that.. thanks for answering my research into this horrible movie that was made.

  53. Robert says:

    Hilarious that this post itself is now 8 years old and there has been a steady stream of comments over the years. “I am Robert and I too am a victim of this creepfest of a movie.” I was just laughing about some of the weird shit I watched as a kid (my parents owned a small-town movie store) such as Creepshow and, well, Faces of Death. Neither of those were as creepy as this shitshow of a movie. Like many others, I have had bizarre flashbacks over the years and just googled “creepy peanut butter hair movie.” Voila. Maybe this movie worked some subliminal hypnotism on us or something. Let’s all gather in the middle of Nebraska in 2020 for a support group; perhaps we can track down the director behind this travesty and shave his head or something. As long as I never have to watch this again… *shudders*

  54. Andria says:

    OMFG!?! There ARE others!!!!
    I watched this movie with my sister, when we were little.
    I too, have mentioned it at certain times throughout my life & NO ONE has known what I was talking about. I knew the title – never a doubt, that it was “The Peanut Butter Solution”!!
    I have mentioned it again recently, to a few friends, in reference to a way of growing my own hair (it’s been falling out in chunks, due to stress) & none of them knew what I was talking about, either.
    So I got fed up with no one believing me & I finally googled it (it’d been on my To Do list, for yearrrs!!).
    Cheers to everyone here who HAS seen it!! You are from the awesome ’80s!! (or earlier).

    I didn’t remember the reason he’d lost his hair or the creepy kidnapping, though. Just the solution & his hair growing like 20meters overnight!!

    My ponytail used to be over an inch thick/in diameter.
    It’s now down to less than 1cm in diameter 😦

    All I’ve been thinking for the last 4 months, is “I NEED ME SOME O’ THAT PEANUT BUTTER SOLUTION!!!!”
    & “If ONLY it were real.” 😦

    Oh well. My Dr told me yesterday, my body will heal itself & my hair will grow back, when its ready. It’ll take a few months, but it WILL grow back!! YAYYY!!!!

    • Andria says:

      Just as I left this page to share the trailer on Facebook (evidence I’m really NOT a nut case lol), I remembered the movies that scared me most, as a kid…

      Stephen King’s “IT”: my lovely sister (who was totally into reading 18+ rated books about gore & horror, by the ripe young age of 10) told me, her & her friend were going to watch a movie that had a clown in it & that I should watch it with them…
      I was 7.
      I had nightmares almost every night, for 2 years.

      That was the worst.
      Other minor ones were:
      Witches (yes, the part when they turned into mice, freaked me out the most, too! lol);
      Watership Down;
      And now I’ve hit a blank, with the titles… I’m just getting faces of villains, now! Yuck!! :/
      Pretty much any movie that involved: being chased by something scary (that kind of includes Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom, when that huge boulder is “chasing” him!! LOL) &/OR anything paranormal. Eep!!

  55. Janna d says:

    My sister and I watched this movie a couple of times in the 80s on cbc television. It was really weird and creepy. I remember when they were leaving a sugar trail when they were kidnapped by the signor and the sugar ran out. What was weird is that other kids had no idea what we were talking about when we described it lol.

  56. Eva says:

    Does anyone have a theory for why this movie scared us but took hold of us too when we were in our 8s and 10s? Know what your all feeling left weird scar-glad someone brought it up. I’ve been researching Disney films and stuff like return to witch mountain that left me with same weird feelings am beginning to see occult link from dark movie makers. Anyone else feel this way/see what I’m seeing? Feel what I’m feeling? Still get the shivers every time think of this movie. Respond if u have any theories. Thanks!

  57. Robbyrob1982 says:

    This is really weird im 33 and this movie has always been in the back of my mind .. I couldnt tell if it was just a dream or me goin nutz but damn them witches and that old pervert….. I asked my mom and she just looked at me having no idea what i was ranting about so thank ggod im not crazy….. Im the youngest of three so i have to ask my brothers they have to remmember but they were pre teens prolly didnt have same affect..

  58. Julie says:

    I’m 36. I remember this movie and it has haunted me for years because no one I know has ever remembered it. I always felt like I had a sick dream about this. I am glad you wrote this blog about it. it’s nice to know I’m not crazy after all these years of this sick memory. LOL

  59. R.Attri says:

    I am 29 and glad to find out this movie and blog exists in real. As i always wanted to finish watching this movie. But had similar experience relating my this movie experience with friends. I can’t forget the scene of burnt house, ghost talking with this boy(orphan),ever growing hairs, applying solution on bald head, friend cutting hairs in class room sitting behind. But now i found it “Peanut butter solution”. I can live those moments again.

  60. jennifer says:

    I watch Disney with my daughter and forever I have thought of this movie… soo happy im not the only one… I need to watch again bc I have forgotten so much about it.. but I googled disney movie long hair peanutbutter and found you guys!!!! I hopeni can find it…

  61. Kristin says:

    I am 35 years old and still think about how scared this movie made me when I was a kid. The thought of it makes me feel a little sick to my stomach. I wonder if I see it again if it may be some closure to these feelings or if it will haunt me even more.

  62. Sara says:

    My brother and I watched this alone at a fairly young age when my dad was in bed sick. To this day, we have never found anyone outside the 2 of us who have seen this movie. When I was 22, living with my boyfriend in Boulder, we found a copy to rent (to this day it is still only available in VHS format) and I rewatched it as an adult. It STILL freaking creeped me out!!! I am now 35, and alongside the Return to Oz, this movie still factors into recurring nightmares I have been having since childhood.

  63. In the mid-1980’s, I had a job working as a transcriber for a company that produced closed-captioning T.V., and I had to create a transcript of that film. Which meant the equivalent of watching it and listening to it over and over and over.

    I much preferred working on Fraggle Rock and the Beachcombers.

  64. Stacy says:

    Haha…yes!! Other people have seen this crazy and creepy movie! Thank you for identifying it and perfectly describing it. You pretty much nailed what every child probably felt when they saw this. I started to think my memories of this movie were all a dream/nightmare because nobody knew what I was talking about. All I remember was that a boy couldn’t stop growing hair and he was kidnapped and peanut butter was a large part of the plot. My mom picked it up as a fun movie option for a 6 year old who loved peanut butter. There was nothing fun about it. It was so unsettling and scary. If a movie could molest your mind, that is what this movie did…and I couldn’t tell anyone about it because nobody remembered it!

  65. Stacy says:

    Sara…yes, Return to Oz was another creepy one. I am so happy there is a community of people who remember this movie and feel the same way about it.

    As far as happy movies from 1985 go, does anyone remember Star Fairies? Nobody seems to remember the Star Fairies movie, but I thought I would give it a shot seeing as how people here remember The Peanut Butter Solution…

  66. Jill says:

    I no longer feel alone in this! Everybody thought I was crazy describing that movie. Even my brothers, who I am sure watched it with me. It has plagued me for years. It was definitely a film that left a lasting impression. Pretty disturbing! Now I could prove it to my husband that I am not nuts.

  67. Reanna says:

    I thought I was crazy! This is an actual movie! When I was a kid, I remembered seeing a movie that traumatized me. As a grown up, all I could remember from the movie was “a kid went into a haunted house and was so scared that his hair fell out. The only way he could get his hair back was to put peanut butter on his head and I remember his hair growing back. I also remember a part where a mean kid rips the main kid’s hair off his head and everyone makes fun of him.”

    Everyone I explained this to thought I was high or something. I thought that maybe I just dreamt it up… but it’s a real movie! Wow…

  68. Pingback: March 2018 News | Silexare

  69. Lani Weston says:

    I have the same feeling about this very disturbing film and a similar experience of wondering if the vague images rolling around in my head were a dream.

  70. It is 2020, I’m nearly 40 years old and the image of him strapped to the loom and his hair just continuously growing has been burned into my memory and is something that freaks me out Everytime it conjures itself from my subconscious.

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