I think everyone has a love/hate relationship with cover songs. There’s nothing worse than hearing your favorite track get butchered or remixed beyond recognition and in my opinion there are far more cringe-worthy attempts out there than success stories. Here are a few that beat the odds and got some repeat listens over the last few months.

Her Space Holiday – Wolf Parade’s I’ll Believe in Anything – The song Phoebe and I collectively listened to about a million times in 2007 gets some banjos and deep-thought intro/outros from child actors with husky voices…so weird but so good.

Lissy Trullie & Adam Green – Biz Markie’s Just a Friend – No tinkling piano or screaming rap giant here, and that’s clearly not a bad thing. Plus I think Lissy Trullie could sing the phonebook and make it sound poignant.

The Kooks – MGMT’s Kids – Simple, heartfelt acoustic guitars replace complex layers of synth and drums. Like apples and oranges, both are tasty for different reasons.


Has TLC Gone Too Far?

It recently dawned upon me that The Learning Channel is no longer the bastion of quality educational programming I once thought it was. Ok, I write that with more than a hint of sarcasm. But the Discovery/TLC partnership is definitely taking it to the next level in ‘reality’ terms, and I think I miss the more innocent days…

Days when my roommates and I would get lost in an early-morning Trading Spaces marathon, or chuckle at the hapless brides and grooms invariably throwing themselves into some ‘crazy’ Wedding Story scenario. Don’t even get me started on Baby Story. So I was both intrigued and a little disheartened the other day when, mid-way through a ‘Little People Big World’ family vacation episode was a promo for a new program called “Paralyzed and Pregnant.”

Really TLC?

Really TLC?

Jesus, who will they spy on next?  “The Girl Who Stopped Growing,” and “Born Without a Face” are also actual programs in a line-up clearly walking the fine line between entertainment and exploitation. Do viewers really come away ‘educated,’ or are they more likely to IM with friends the next day about the freakshow with no eyes or nose who is really 45 but has the voice of a 12-year old girl? I’m going to go with the freakshow commentary.

Ok, I’ll get off my high horse now and go back to watching a little person operate a backhoe.