New Discovery – or, ‘Ohhh Yeah, That Band’

I admittedly knew nothing about Kasabian until a month ago even though they’ve been around for some time. Besides that inescapable single “Club Foot” from years ago, which has found its way into countless movie trailers and ‘being badass’ montages, I hadn’t really paid much attention to the group and had written them off as being of non-interest.

Then I happened across the video for a track off their new album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum and was instantly impressed. Starring Noel Fielding of The Mighty Boosh fame, “Vlad the Impaler” is a glorious, Super 8-style madcap murdering romp. Vlad is scary and menacing yet kind of endearing in the midst of all his carnage. A lovable vampire!

Turns out Dan the Automator produced the release, which explains the awesome samples, dark DJ-Shadowy vibe throughout and probably why I like it so much.

Also love the country-tinged song “West Ryder Silver Bullet.” That’s Rosario Dawson singing backup, totally channeling Holly Golightly. Random and awesome, no?

Kasabian – West Ryder Silver Bullet