Like Some Liars

I’m not too familiar with their earlier releases, but I’ve really been digging the Liars’ latest, Sisterworld. It’s haunting, orchestral and totally creepy with these moments of bursting, violent, paranoid rock. Inspired by the freaks and fringe characters drawn to LA and the seedy city underbelly they survive in, the album shreds any sense of safety, beauty or positivity you may feel going into it. But in a good way.

My highlights so far:

The lead track Scissor bellows and hums its way into your brain and then explodes out the back around 1:42.

The manic screeching and frenetic pace of  Scarecrows On a Killer Slant make me want to drive a car really, really fast off a cliff while blasting gunshots at the people chasing me.

The Overachievers is like a punk tribute to LA hippiedom, replete with references to bio-cars, weed, cats, earthly love and general boredom.

Check out the band’s official site for some post-apocalyptic-themed press shots and the awesome rock-revenge video for Scissor.