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Land Ho’

Came across gallery space/book shop Land while in Portland last week. Picked up these animal portrait prints from illustrator Ryan Berkley, as well as a zine/catalog based on his last show called “What You’re Into,” where he interviewed his friends about their latest obsessions and penned the results. Amusing stuff.


1. Chewbacca 2. Sloth From Goonies 3. Falcor from The Never Ending Story

1. John Wayne 2. Bears 3. Pogo Sticks

1. Hungry Eyeball 2. Walking 3. Pinatas

Also grabbed a few notecards from artist Jill Bliss – one octopus-themed and one elk, to make up for me not seeing any of the wild steeds while exploring Oregon. After checking out her site I learned she works with vegetable-based inks on ‘reincarnation paper’ – which is like the even-holier version of ‘recycled’ (no chlorine, part consumer-waste).

Environmentally-friendly, nature-themed work. Go Portland. Well done.

For more go here:
Ryan Berkley’s Shop
Jill Bliss’ Shop

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A Small Good Thing

My recently transplanted friend Jessica is writing about her stylish jaunts around the great cities of Europe. While her impeccable taste and understated elegance often make me feel like a total schlubb (‘gee maybe I’ll eat PB&J for dinner tonight’), that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Get inspired and take a tour through the good life at A Small Thing But My Own.



I checked out The Meatball Shop last night with Amanda, Cleary and Carrie, a small, relatively new LES spot specializing in unique meatball combinations. Though skeptical about shelling out ‘big bucks’ (everything was actually really cheap) and standing in line for hours (ok we passed the time at a bar nearby) for what Rich calls ‘poor immigrant food,’ I will say I was pleasantly surprised. I was also pleasantly drunk after spending the wait guzzling beer and wine, so who knows, everything tastes better after a few IPAs.

Carrie and I split the beef meatballs in tomato sauce over polenta and the Meatball Smash, which is a slightly fancier sloppy joe with juicy pork balls & mozzarella on a perfect, soggy brioche roll.

Dessert was amazing – homemade ice cream sandwiches where you choose the cookie and ice cream flavors. Mine was the best. Peanut butter cookie/choc ice cream.

This is what I ate.


The huge, amazing bathroom (you’ll know what I mean)
Really friendly bartender, hostess and waitstaff
Affordable everything
Interactive white-board-style menus!


Really crowded with a long wait (almost 2 hours and they accidentally gave our table away once).

Definitely worth it though if you’ve got a few hours to kill and good friends to pass the time with.

The Meatball Shop
84 Stanton Street (btwn Allen and Orchard)