Twin Sister’s Dream Groove

Twin Sister is a Long Island-based band making luscious, lazy disco-dream gems. I finally picked up their second EP called Color Your Life and can’t seem to let it go.

Certain tracks are all spacey and mellow – while listening I immediately long to be floating in water somewhere. It’s quite lovely. Then there’s “All Around and Away We Go” – a magical, get-up-and-get-swaying tune that would put the most hardened, washed-up disco queens back out on the dance floor. It makes me want to move like this:

Stereolab covering “Heart of Glass?” I think Abba even flashed through my brain at one point.

The EP has been out for some months, but here’s a sweet trailer they put out to announce it’s arrival. I put some tracks below but you can download both EPs (for FREE!) on the Twin Sister website.

From Color Your Life:


All Around and Away We Go

Plus my favorite track from their first EP, Vampires With Dreaming Kids (2008):