On Madness…

My mom used to sing a disturbing song called “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!” to my three sisters and I when we were younger and probably threatening her sanity on a daily basis. It popped into my head recently and, thanks to the wondrous interwebs, I tracked down this trippy/Norman-Bates-themed music video for the tune made by some random Dutch guys. Oh, and a puppet cover.

The original 1966 novelty record was performed by Napoleon XIV, known in regular life as songwriter/record producer Jerry Samuels. The tune quickly climbed the charts and inspired a mental-illness-themed LP with song titles like “Marching Off To Bedlam,” “I Live In A Split Level Head” and “Let’s Cuddle Up In My Security Blanket.” It also quickly bombed back down the charts when DJs began banning it from airplay, afraid that listeners would think it an affront to the mentally unstable. A perfect track for parenting!


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