Animated Watercolor Dance Party, “It’s All Over”

The Vimeo Staff Pics are always a great scroll. Quality and inspiring shorts, docs, animation, and stop-motion stories abound – often leading you down internet rabbit holes to explore director reels, illustrator portfolios, and animators’ work you quickly fall in love with.

This time around a music video immediately caught my eye and had me crawling the web to learn more about the artist and production team. It’s called “It’s All Over” for Madrid producer Pional and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It’s kind of like Waking Life meets Dazed and Confused meets my Aunt’s watercolor sketchbook, with a lot of car fires thrown in.

Turns out the video is inspired by a movie called Ruta Destroy, a documentary about the clubbing and party scene and overall effect of electronic music culture in Spanish cities, mainly Valencia, during the 80s and early 90s. Here’s the trailer.

Directed by duo Manson, with artwork by Paul Lopez, “It’s All Over” is a flickering, hypnotic sequence of watercolor party people dancing, driving, and crashing cars. Digging around for some more info around the production methods, I read on Dazed that the team “edited 2000 images together, printed each frame, applied watercolours, scanned them and then re-edited them all together.” Clearly a laborious process with amazing results.

Rotoscoping, watercolors, party, tragedy, dance music. What else do you need?

pional_1 pional_2 pional_3 pional_4 pional_5

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I Wept When We Parted, & Wept When We United.

This video KILLED me. Made me want to cry, made me want to dance.

Animation is by Montreal-based visual artist Sinbad Richardson. Check out his site for the cute backstory on the video’s tragic pink heroine, aka Jennifer Harris, along with the original ‘bizarre bus trip’ short film he resurrected and revamped for Young Galaxy.

Thanks to Said the Gramophone for posting it up.