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Sigrid Calon’s Riso Stitches

I first learned about Dutch designer and visual artist Sigrid Calon via Sight Unseen – their Instagram, to be exact. I pretty much love everything they feature on their site, and the risoprint of Calon’s they put up instantly had me searching for more of her work.

The print is actually part of a larger series she created based on stitched embroidery patterns. With its set amount of holes and rows, an embroidery grid can hold eight different types of stitches. To honor the craft and intense manual process of embroidery, Calon starts off with a stenciling technique and moves to the computer. When processed digitally, the stitches become lines that can then combine, repeat, join and layer to create endless graphic combinations. Color and gradients mix to create an intriguing sense of depth and displacement. It’s a wonderful kaleidoscopic world where order and pattern meet possibility.

She turned 120 of the prints into a book and has dozens available in her online shop.

I ordered two for the walls and ogled the rest.

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