Fun With Frank

Ze Frank is an innovative, interactive wizard. He created viral videos before the notion was ever commonplace, has won Webbys, spoken at TED and runs a constant dialog with a community of devoted online followers. Today his personal site gets millions of visitors and is filled with hundreds of games, flash toys, applications and multimedia projects.

One of my favorite recent finds is an app that allows you to draw a picture using your voice. You can hum, yell or whistle your way to an amazing masterpiece, or in my case, really pathetic doodle. Frank’s portrait creations are rather ambitious, as in…kind of impossible:


Here’s my first attempt, that’s totally a nose, right?


Instructions explain that lower volume curves the line counterclockwise, medium moves it straight and loud sounds turn it clockwise. While mentally for me that was hard to process while whistling like a spazz into my laptop microphone, perhaps it will help some. I still think my best creation came from accidentally leaving the app running while I watched tv:


“So abstract…so brilliant. I love it.”

Try for yourself.

And check out Frank’s site for more entertaining items.